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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Really Smart

A couple, getting ready to go to the theater, was shocked to find that their new Mercedes had been stolen from the garage. They went to the police station to lodge a report but when they returned home they were surprised to find the car parked in front of the house with a note : "My wife was in labour with our first child and I had to take your car." Also attached were two tickets for the show. The couple was touched and forgave the incident.

Then when they came back from the show at the theater, they found their house ransacked. There was a note : "I have to support my son through college haven't I?"

Went home

A recent survey conducted in America showed that 10% of the men after making love rolled over and smoked a

cigarette, another 10% got up and washed themselves while the remaining 80% dressed up and went home.

Heineken beer x Ice cream ad

I'm happy to announce Heineken beer now come in ice cream.

London from above

Estevan Oriol x Carrot T-shirt

Collaboration of photographer Estevan Oriol and clothing line Carrot T-shirt 2008

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