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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shrinking your car?

Parking for those who has motor vehicles can be a big headache for many people nowadays, not to mention the cost of parking. If there was ever a technology which allows you to shrink your car after you get to the destination point, as small as the size of your palm which fits into your pocket. Would you endorse the technology?

My answer would probably be no. Since parking would probably be much easier, but someone can always steal my car as easy as stealing a pen from me, or I could easily lose my Car just like that. I also wouldn’t want to lose an item at an expense price tag like that, and plus if this ever happens, I think no car insurance companies would want to insure motor vehicles for the public. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trailer

This video game truly expressed and interpreted the full extension in the power of The Force, from creating different animation intros and game play. Take a look at the following clip.

Nike - AJF12 LS - Air Jordan Force XXII (12) LS

These are seriously illing, really love these kicks myself, can't wait for these to hit local footlockers, check your local Nike account outlets.

UNDFTD x Fruition x Stussy Las Vegas Triple Crown T-shirt

Kidrobot Chumps by Frank Kozik

Vane - Focus Camera - Pendant

Reebok Freestyle x Maeda Emoretion

Atmos x Disney "Mickey & Minnie" Collaboartion

Recent years everyone's trying to put their label along with Disney as a collaboration, so is this latest bunch of Ts. Simple and original color ways.

Casio G-Shock 25th Anniversary Ocean Gray Rastafarian

UNDFTD - ‘08 Spring Drop 1.0

UNDFTD x Medicom Toy x Converse

Super Bowl Ad E*Trade - Wasted $2 Million Bucks